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Drive Sweden, Round Tables - Cities & Users

19 June 2018 09:00 to 12:30
Dome of Visions, Lindholmsplatsen. Lindholmen Science Park
Imagining everyday life in automated future cities. How can we create a livable city with the help of connected, automated and shared vehicles?
Image: NCC

During this round table we want to discuss questions about how to bring in people's perspectives into the planning and development of future smart cities with the help of emerging smart mobilities. How do we engage people in thinking about how future connected, automated, and shared vehicles can be part of their everyday life to make it easier and more sustainable? How can we make sure that the adoption of these technologies is in line with how people want to live in future cities?

With this discussion we would like to invite round table participants to think together on how to move beyond simplistic ideas of how to reach public acceptance of future smart mobilities and instead think about what is acceptable in terms what society we want to create. In short, this round table session will offer opportunities for inspiration and sharing of ideas of how to co-create a livable city with people instead of for people, and how smart mobilities can be part of this process.


  • 09.00-09:30 Coffee
  • 09:30 Welcome - Jan Hellåker, director of Drive Sweden
  • 09:40 Keynote - Sarah Pink, Distinguished Professor, RMIT University, Australia
  • 10:00 Autonomous Vehicles as Part of the Deepening of the Comprehensive Plan for Central Gothenburg: Drive Sweden Strategic Project I - Anna Svensson & Monica Wincentson, innovation and urban development, Gothenburg City
  • 10:15 Co-designing future smart urban mobility services - A Human Approach (AHA): Drive Sweden Strategic Project II - Vaike Fors, Ass. Professor, Halmstad University & Suzanne Andersson, strategic traffic developer and international relations, Gothenburg City
  • 10:30 Workshop begins (including fika) - Led by Dr. Tor Skoglund, SWECO
  • 12:00 Summary
  • 12:30 End

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Arranged by Drive Sweden.