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This Electric Ride-Hailing Service Acts as a Facilitator of Public Transit Use and Work Commuting

Go360, a California based start-up company, tries another approach than ”traditional” on-demand ride-hailing services to avoid oversupplying the market with drivers. [1]

The aim is to get people in Sacramento, California, back and forth to work and transit hubs faster and easier using all-electric Tesla vehicles in a first-/last-mile pooled model. Go360 is (monthly) subscription-based, rides averages $2.50 a time (up to four rides per day), and they claim that customers will wait for a maximum of five minutes for a ride.

Operations are optimised using a routing algoritm together with its Vision APIs that analyses camera data to provide input for traffic densities, curb management, pick-up and drop-off. Furthermore, heavily trafficked areas like highways and on-ramps are avoided by the algorithm to increase efficiency and time accuracy of the Go360 service.

Other than making their own service efficient, they improve the efficiency of the existing transportation system by feeding people to transit hubs, subways or short rides to/from work, according to Sravan Puttagunta, CEO, Go360.

So far, Go360 has been serving alpha users (company employees, family or friends) in Sacramento, but aims to go more public and expand to other Cities in Northern California, as well as roll out to other metro areas in the future.

The company emphasizes that ”Go360 is the future of on-demand transportation. We are committed to work with the power of public transit - creating a fully multimodal solution that gets people from home to transit hubs and back”.


Personal comments

We have seen several other ride-hailing companies (e.g. Uber and Lyft) adding public transit to their services already, and the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concept has gained a lot of attention in many cities during recent times. However, this is the first time I’ve seen ride-hailing being introduced mainly to facilitate public transit use, rather than offering an alternative. Exciting!


Written by Hampus Alfredsson, RISE.



1. 2020-03-06. All-electric ride-hailing service extends its offering.