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To create collaborations through innovative projects is central to Drive Sweden. Our projects enable actors from business, public sector, academia and institutes to innovate with an impact. Project applications need to harmonize with and add to our goals and program logic.

Our projects enable organizations to experiment and test new ideas without them having to be profitable. This is made possible by a setup where Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency co-finance the projects with up to 50 percent. We distribute funding to two types of projects: what we call strategic projects and projects that are created through open calls. The processes for the creation of these projects differ, but are conjoined by a transparent and open application and decision process. Below, you can see an illustration of our project process and how we initiate new projects.

Drive Sweden projektgenerering

Do you have a project idea?

If you have a project idea that you and your organization would like to run in collaboration with other parties and is in harmony with Drive Sweden's vision, we encourage you to test that idea on us. Keep an eye out for our open calls or email if you want to discuss the idea or want more information about what the project process looks like. If you haven't found partners for your project, we can help you find suitable ones.

Starting out, new project ideas are pitched for our program office, which will give you feedback. If the project idea gets the green light from the program office, the next step of the process can be initiated. This step requires the applicant(s) to prepare a project application which is then forwarded to Drive Sweden's board. If they approve the application, they recommend the project idea for Vinnova, which gives final approval.

Drive Sweden's open calls return at least every two years and focus on different themes, but project ideas can be pitched on an ongoing basis and may become so-called strategic projects.

Personer använder sig av hyrcyklar, elsparkcykel och kollektivtrafik.

Open calls

The call "Safe and sustainable use of small vehicles using digital technology" closed May 3. Seven projects were granted financial support and the work is up and running. Below is a list of the projects and via the links you can read about each project.
En karta över Europa. Foto: Calvin Hanson on Unsplash.

Applying for EU-funding

The European Union offers project funding through different initiatives. Find out more about some of them here