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Cars Will Be a Big No-No in New Arizona Housing Development

Would you like looking out the window of your apartment without ever seeing that pile of cars fighting for space along your street? If so, Culdesac Tempe, Arizona, might be the place for you. [1]

As cities constantly try out new, alternative solutions or policies to weaken our beloved bond to private cars, the Culdesac neighborhood aims for a somewhat tougher approach. Launching in 2020, Culdesac Tempe will become the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the U.S. and hold over 1,000 people. And they’re not making any exceptions here, the residents will actually be banned from bringing their cars altogether.

Existing regulations normally require parking spots to be built along with new housing developments, but this developer managed to work its way around those, by instead offering a bunch of other transportation modes, like scooters, bikes and ride-share programs.

Areas that would otherwise be used for parking will hold other necessities like shops, food halls, plazas or green spaces, to mention some.


Personal comments

All cities need to decrease the presence of private cars. A total ban of them can be effective in some places with crowds small enough (like Culdesac Tempe’s 1,000 pending inhabitants) to satisfy with other transportation services. In larger contexts, this transition will probably be more problematic as things like public transit and scooters can’t cope with the sudden increase in demand. I think we need to work together here, to change our current behavior, how and when we choose to travel, combined with new mobility solutions, policies and regulatory measures to incrementally guide people in a more sustainable direction.

Nevertheless, the initiative taken by Culdesac Tempe is pleasing to hear, we should definitely continue with these measures wherever possible, especially in the U.S. where private cars are still ruling the streets in comparison to many other countries around the globe.


Written by Hampus Alfredsson, RISE Viktoria.



1. 2019-11-20. New housing development in Arizona won’t allow residents to bring cars.