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Berlin Plans Major Investments in Public Transport Expansion & On-Demand Bus Service

The German capital city Berlin plans to make a €28.1 billion investment to expand the bus and rail networks in the city, starting from 2019 and extending to 2035 [1].

The investment will be spread out over the years, starting with is a massive expansion of the city’s streetcar network. According to the investment plan, the city has presented the network in 2035 will be 28 percent more extensive than it is now, with the length of its lines increasing from 194 km to 267 km. This will also increase the fleet of trams with 38 percent.

There will also be significant extensions to the S-Bahn by using former railway lines that have been unused in the past few decades.

The plan is also to have all buses be electric by 2030 alongside experiments with an on-demand bus service where riders in less-frequented areas can summon a mini-bus (shuttle) by letting the depot know they are there.


Personal comments

The true potential of mobility services will only be realized when they are integrated with the public transport system to meet the needs of a growing population. Several shuttle services have failed to create a sustainable business model for themselves with many experts claiming that without the integration to public transport it is a lost cause. With Berlin choosing to experiment with integrating on-demand shuttle services in less frequented areas this hypothesis will finally be put to test.


Written by Mahdere DW Amanuel, RISE Viktoria.



1. 2019-02-28. Berlin Will Spend €2 Billion Per Year to Improve Public Transit