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Amazon Releases Its Autonomous Delivery Robot on Wheels

To increase customer comfort and offer a more sustainable alternative to last-mile transport, Amazon adds a small driverless robot to its line-up of delivery options [1].

The Amazon Scout is ready to take orders in daylight between Monday and Friday directly to prime members’ home in Snohomis County, Washington, USA.

The autonomous shopping basket is designed to leave little trace by moving at a walking pace and courteously avoiding surrounding objects. Even so, while it is in training, the Amazon Scout is accompanied by a human leader.

With this announcement, Amazon is joining an increasing number of autonomous vehicle manufacturers and retailers who help residents avoid the inconvenience of human controlled transport.


Personal comments

This launch by Amazon is just the latest of a series of similar ventures by other retail companies, like Walmart, Kroger, Doordash and Stop & Shop, that all look kind of similar. However, this time it is not a traditional grocery store that is trying out something technically fancy to see if it works or not, but a digitally and technologically advanced behemoth that is stepping into the game; possibly marking a real turning point for automated delivery services and their ever-so-nearer widespread market launch.


Written by Anders Dalén & Darijan Jelica, RISE Viktoria.



1. 2019-01-23. Amazon tests autonomous vehicle for deliveries