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Systems and services for mobility

This project will, within the context of Drive Sweden, implement a leading technology and service platform for connected cloud services supporting automated transport and mobility services. These services will be available for project partners and for interaction with new actors. 

The project will also, in cooperation with the other work streams, facilitate and drive development of services supporting connected vehicles and their traffic management.

Description of the project

WP1 – Implementation of cloud infrastructure and base services (lead Ericsson)
Development and implementation of a joint technology and service platform for connecting vehicles and partners, that will be the basis to provide connected cloud services supporting automated transport and mobility services.

WP2 – Analytics tool and analysis of current travel patterns (lead Nobina)
Development and implementation of analytics tools, aiming to provide insights on travel patterns, travel demand and travel supply.

WP3 – Traffic Management of connected and automated vehicles (lead Ericsson)
Development and implementation of joint cloud based Traffic Management functionality, specially adapted to support Automated Transport and new Mobility Services. Initial functions during 2016 include: 
- Vehicle and fleet tracking 
- Basic Route planning 
- Basic Traffic Analytics 
- Interfaces towards City Traffic Management and National Traffic Management 
- Interfaces for external data providers and partners

WP4 – Automatic Bus Route with Proactive Traffic Management (lead Scania)
This WP will build up knowledge and increase the competence within the areas related to autonomous heavy vehicles in urban operation, focusing on the supporting technological areas for commanding and controlling the fleets of vehicles, including the interaction and payments transactions with the customers.

  • Project budget: 20.2 MSEK with a 9.5 MSEK grant from Vinnova
  • Dates: Phase 1: Establishment 20160601 – 20161231, but the cloud system will be further developed and operated (DevOps) during the lifetime of Drive Sweden (2016-2022)

Project partners:
​Ericsson, Scania, Nobina, KTH, Kista Science City, TeliaSonera, Telenor, Viktoria Swedish ICT, Trafikverket


Watch: Smart Mobility is Here – Drive Sweden Test Site Kista

Download Final Report WP 2 (Swe) 





Dowload Pilot study report "Multimodalt betalsystem" (Swe)






Dowload Pilot study report "Personlig reseplaneringstjänst" (Swe)


For more information, please contact:
Stefan Myhrberg
Ericsson, Kistavägen 25, 164 80  Stockholm

E-mail: stefan.myhrberg@ericsson.com
Phone: +46107163733