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NordicWay 2 Swedish pilot Showcase

21 april 2020 09:30 till 15:30
Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg
INSTÄLLT - På grund av covid-19-pandemin är detta event inställt.
NordicWay 2 närmar sig slutskedet av projekttiden och resultat från det svenska deltagandet kommer nu att presenteras vid en demonstration vid Lindholmen Science Park i Göteborg. Under dagen kommer du att få möjlighet att nätverka med projektpartners, lära dig mer om C-ITS-tjänster, testa en utryckningsfordonssimulator och mycket mer!

(This event will be held in English)

We are sad to inform you that The NordicWay 2 Swedish pilot Showcase on the 21st of April will be cancelled.  Due to the development of the Corona Virus, Covid-19, during the last week The NordicWay 2 Project Office team do not see any good solution to conduct the showcase in a safe way.

Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to have the showcase this autumn instead and we will keep you updated with more information.

NordicWay 2 is a collaboration project between Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway with representatives from both public and private sector. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the harmonization of cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS) services by using mainly cellular networks for connection between vehicles and a cloud-based information exchange between actors. Furthermore, the project aims to contribute to the development of digital infrastructure that prepares our transport system for connected and autonomous driving.

In Sweden several C-ITS services have been tested and evaluated – all connected to a common interchange node. The services/use cases selected are believed to contribute to a more efficient transport system with less emissions and increased traffic safety: 

  • Emergency Vehicles Approaching warnings
  • Connected traffic signals
  • Dynamic Access Control of Designated Infrastructure
  • Dynamic Environmental Zones
  • Road Works Warnings  
Arrangeras av Trafikverket and NordicWay 2 project management team in collaboration with Drive Sweden.