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Smart Rural Transport Services

The project addresses future transport systems for sparsely populated areas in the form of transport services operated by autonomous, electric and on demand-controlled vehicles and drones.
Photo by Magnus Östberg on Unsplash

The project is further based on an ongoing project, Tomorrow's Letter Pigeons for good and close care - first in the countryside, which develops a fixed airline for light transport with drones in support of health care at a distance. Such a system is only a first, tiring step, as it is understood that it does not meet the entire transport needs of the care or the countryside.

In this project, we will therefore clear the boundary with a fixed line from point A to point B to address the needs that can be met with the service architecture in case drones can be sent to arbitrary addresses and positions.

The expanded service structure also includes future transports with self-driving electric vehicles, which are intended to be part of the same transport system as the self-flying drones. Vehicles and drones will both be part of the future transport system as care must be provided even in roadless land. The rural district medical center in Storuman has a special responsibility for Sami medicine.

Project period:
Jan 2020 – Dec 2020

Project partners:
Region Västerbotten, KTH, LTH, Telenor, SVA, Iteam, Creed media group, Earhart AB, Einride, Lennox PR, Transtema, Mittmedia, Totalförsvarsstiftelsen 

Pia Kristiansson,