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Drive Sweden is a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government. The program is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Research Council Formas and Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA. Lindholmen Science Park is the host for the program.

Program Board

Drive Sweden is governed by the program board that was elected at the Annual Meeting on January 31, 2019.

  • Jan Hellåker (Chairman)
  • Agneta Wargsjö, Trafikverket
  • Anna Anund, VTI
  • Gerhard Wennerström, Samtrafiken
  • Jacob Gramenius, Transportstyrelsen
  • Charlotte Lundén, Ericsson
  • Annika Stensson Trigell, KTH
  • Mattias Lundberg, Stockholms stad
  • Niklas Gustavsson, Volvo Group
  • Klara Bergkvist, GoMore
  • Peter Hafmar, Nobina Technology
  • Maria Fuxborg, Lindholmen Science Park
  • Niclas Nygren, Volvo Cars
  • Martin Svensson, Vinnova
  • Andreas Netz, Vinnova

Program Office

The day-to-day program operations are performed by the Program Office, led by the Program Director with support from assigned individuals from member organizations.

Autonomous Base Camp 
The ABC function has been established within the framework of the Drive Sweden program office to pave the way for the market breakthrough of self-driving vehicles for shorter transportation needs.

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  • Anna Pernestål Brenden

    ITRL/KTH – Business Models

    pernestal [at] kth [dot] se
  • Eric Wallgren.

    Eric Wallgren


    eric [dot] wallgren [at] vinnova [dot] se
  • Hamid Zarghampour

    The Swedish Transport Administration – Digital Infrastructure

    hamid [dot] zarghampour [at] trafikverket [dot] se
  • Ingrid Skogsmo.

    Ingrid Skogsmo

    VTI – EU Coordination

    ingrid [dot] skogsmo [at] vti [dot] se
  • Kent Eric Lång

    RISE – Policy Development

    kent-eric [dot] lang [at] ri [dot] se
  • Lars Polgren

    Lars Polgren

    Nobina – Horizontal Leader Personal Transport

    lars [dot] polgren [at] nobina [dot] com
  • Magnus Granström

    Magnus Granström

    SAFER - Public Engagement

    magnus [dot] granstrom [at] chalmers [dot] se
  • Mats Lundin

    Volvo Cars – Open Calls

    mats [dot] lundin [at] volvocars [dot] com
  • Mikael Rönnholm

    Mikael Rönnholm

    CEVT – Business Models

    mikael [dot] ronnholm [at] cevt [dot] se
  • Olof Johansson

    Olof Johansson

    The Swedish Transport Administration – Society Planning

    olof [dot] b [dot] johansson [at] trafikverket [dot] se
  • Sofia Granath

    Sofia Granath

    Wireless Car – Policy Development

    sofia [dot] granath [at] wirelesscar [dot] com
  • Sofie Vennersten

    Program Director

    sofie [dot] vennersten [at] drivesweden [dot] net
  • Stefan Myhrberg

    Ericsson – Digital Infrastructure

    stefan [dot] myhrberg [at] ericsson [dot] com
  • Suzanne Andersson

    Trafikkontoret Göteborg – Society Planning

    suzanne [dot] andersson [at] trafikkontoret [dot] goteborg [dot] se
  • Ulrik Janusson, Scania.

    Ulrik Janusson

    Scania – Horizontal Leader Freight

    ulrik [dot] janusson [at] scania [dot] com
  • Vaike Fors

    Högskolan i Halmstad – Public Engagement

    vaike [dot] fors [at] hh [dot] se