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Travel app is being tested at Lindholmen - solves services with one click

Now companies at Lindholmen can join the travel app LIMA. This means that the company's employees have access to everything from public transport and bicycles to taxis and electric cars, all collected in the same app.
"Forget complicated and time-consuming travel bills. Everything is automatically managed in the app which you now can register for", says Sofia Löfstrand, project manager at Lindholmen Science Park and responsible for LIMA.
One of LIMA's mobility hubs at LIndholmen.

With LIMA, more people will have access to good mobility without having to take their own car to and from work, which will reduce the congestion at Lindholmen. In addition, the hope is that the effort will simplify everyday travel in general for people working in the area.

"We provide access to different types of traffic, both for work related travel and for private trips. Traveling becomes flexible, more durable and adapted to the individual's transport needs as it is easy to find the right vehicle at any given time", says Sofia Löfstrand.

Tested and developed

In 2020, a pilot is launched in which the service is tested, evaluated and developed. During the period it is free to download the LIMA app and the service entails no sign-up fees or fixed costs. The user only pays for the trips being made and should the company be responsible for the expense the correct accounting documentation is sent directly to the company's finance department with one click.

Responsibility for the local environment

From the start, EricssonSigmaAltranVolvo Group Connected Solutions och Zenuity  are connected to the service.

"We want to participate in the development of future mobility and help our employees find solutions to simplify everyday life, when we see that it is in demand. Our ambition is to take responsibility for our local environment and not adversely affect the climate. LIMA is an initiative that we believe can provide increased flexibility for travel where you are also not bound by ongoing monthly subscriptions", says Christine Ottenborn, member of Zenuity's Work Environment Committee.

Registration open

Although large companies have already joined the service, there are places left for the pilot year. Responsible corporate representatives as well as employees can report their interest via LIMA's website. Thereafter, the person concerned is contacted for further conversations about registration.

"By joining the service, you also become part of our development team. On the one hand, with data we can see how the service is used and evaluate whether LIMA contributes to more sustainable transport for the company, and on the other hand we maintain a close dialogue with our users to know which parts of the service are particularly good or need to be further developed to better meet the needs", says Sofia Löfstrand, project manager at Lindholmen Science Park.

The project is part of the Swedish Government’s innovation partnership program, “The next generation’s travel and transport” and is funded in part by Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency, through Drive Sweden. The project will develop and test a smart, shared mobility service at a selected pilot group of 1,000 people who work at Lindholmen.