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Mobility-as-a-service? Watch the new film!

We’ve all been trying to explain to friends and other non-professionals how Mobility-as-a-Service (or MaaS) will transform our personal mobility. Now, Drive Sweden has developed a new film.

The film is an attempt to illustrate the benefits of shifting from personal ownership (of a car) to subscribing for on-demand mobility services. Parallells are drawn from how we have shifted from ownership to subscription within other areas. A simple and straight-forward approach was the aim when working with the storyboard. 

-We know that behavior change is hard to accomplish and takes time, since behaviors are driven by habits. But at the same time, for the younger generations this way of consuming is nothing strange. It's a matter of getting people to become used to a new way of travelling and the greater picture is of course that we need to change for a sustainable future, says Sofie Vennersten, program direktor Drive Sweden.