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LIMA – the new mobility service – launches its pilot

The Drive Sweden project LIMA has launched its pilot. During an event at Lindholmen Science Park partners of the project and potential test users were given a demonstration of the new mobility service. The service offers travel with most modes of transport, electric cars, real time updates of the traffic and a single-click function to send the receipt to your employer if it is a work related trip.
LIMA lanserar sin pilot.

The launch event for LIMA’s pilot was held on February 19 and showcased the service, the app, the functions enabling you to see the traffic, mobility hubs and different modes of transport in real time and how it allows you to send the receipt to your LIMA-registered employer.

After a closed event the demonstration moved out to the indoor street at Lindholmen Science Park, where hundreds of people could stop by and learn more. LIMA’s offer was received well and the project is now gaining momentum as the pilot goes live. 
The pilot will be running for a year and LIMA is now welcoming all companies and people working at or in the vincinity of Lindholmen to sign up.