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Funding opportunities for French-Swedish mobility projects

Opportunities for funding French-Swedish innovation projects on mobility are available through for example EUREKA. This can add additional capacity to the collaboration on smart mobility between the countries that, among others, Drive Sweden is active within.
A neon sign of a handshake. Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

The collaboration is a part of the strategic partnership on innovation, digital transformation and green solutions that was initiated by the Swedish and French governments in 2017. So far, the collaboration has resulted in several workshops and bilateral connections and projects. The available funding will add to the possibilities for ongoing and new projects.

Below are some examples for funding French-Swedish projects:

Test new markets with Eurostars

  • SMEs can seek funding for the development of market-related processes, products and services in international projects
  • Eurostars provides access to international knowledge, collaborations and opportunities to test new markets
  • Focus on collaboration within the consortium and the opportunity to start at an earlier level
  • At least two partners from two Eureka countries are required
  • Up to EUR 5 million distributed among all partners and 50 percent of an SME's budget
  • Innovation should be out in the market within 2 years after the end of the project

Open calls:

Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) program

  • Aims to accelerate the market introduction of innovations such as new products, processes, services and business models.
  • Funding is given to tests, demonstrations, pilots and validations and to focus on go-to-market strategies
  • Consortium of 3-5 organizations, where at least 60 percent must be industrial partners (SMEs or larger companies)
  • At least three different EU member states or so-called associated countries
  • Grant portion is usually up to EUR 3 million, up to 70 per cent cost coverage for an SME budget
  • Innovation should be out in the market within 3 years after project start

Open calls:

More info and support/events from the Swedish side via EU SME Support:

Collaborative research through the EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT

  • For organisations related to telecommunications and ICT
  • Projects close to market and business needs between 1 M€ and up to more than 70 M€ in total project budget, include from 2 to over 50 partners
  • Project consortia need to have at least two different partners from two different EUREKA countries
  • Open to any type of company, large industry, small companies, universities and research organisations, even to companies outside the EUREKA countries

Open calls: