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French-Swedish Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects on Smart Mobiliity

France and Sweden are at the forefront of smart mobility and can sharpen competence and develop new innovation through a deeper partnership. In September, Vinnova opened a call to develop collaborative innovation within smart mobility between actors in France and Sweden. Last day to apply is March 3 2020.

Vinnova's offer is for Swedish actors interested in cooperative innovation with France. We turn to companies, but also encourage other players such as municipalities, universities, institutes, testbeds and others to apply.

The call is part of the Swedish-French innovation partnership, which aims to strengthen relationships in innovation, digital transformation and green solutions. It is a collaboration between Vinnova and Bpifrance, Banque Publique d'Ivestissement, through EUREKA. The application is made in parallel in Sweden and in France.

Read more and apply here