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33 new partners during 2019 - NCS our first from southeast Asia

In 2019 Drive Sweden’s partnership expanded further by welcoming 33 new partners. Today, Drive Sweden includes 136 partners located in 16 different countries around the world. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to tackle future challenges and develop new solutions together, not just in Sweden, but also internationally.
A map of where Drive Sweden's partners are located around the world.

In addition to the partnership, Drive Sweden engages over 50 other different actors in our on-going projects. Important to note is that the partnership and collaborations do not only include large, well-established industries but also incorporates authorities, cities, academic actors and a broad variety of businesses and start-ups. This unique mix is what we believe a must to tackle the challenges connected to our mission to create new mobility solutions which are connected, automated, shared, sustainable and accessible for all.

During December, our first partner from South-east Asia, NCS (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singtel Group), joined the partnership. Howie Sim, Transport & Healthcare Client Service Unit Lead said:

“NCS is looking forward to work with all Drive Sweden members, including all leading vehicle manufacturers, start-ups, solution providers. Through collaboration, we hope to jointly shape the Land Transport landscape globally, leveraging the latest in technology and ideas, and to bring some of these advance solutions to live in Singapore and Asia Pacific!”.

If you would like to know more about our partnership, please have a look on our website, and are you not yet a partner but would like to become one? Please contact