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Sign up for LIMA

Do you and your company want to take part of the development of sustainable travels at Lindholmen? The pilot will be running from September 2020 and will give employees of registered companies the opportunity to use LIMA services free of charge for the entire pilot. Sign up here!

Sign up by filling out the form beneath. A prerequisite to become a test user is that the company you work for has signed up as well. Therefore, we will be able to confirm your application as soon as we have verified that your employer has done so. If everything is in order, we will contact you as soon as everything is up and running.

If you wish to use LIMA but your employer has not joined the service, we will contact them and show them what's in it for them. 

More about LIMA

Contact information

The address must be connected to your employer.

Voluntary information

If you fill out voluntary information you will help LIMA become a better service. By using this additional data we will be able to get a better picture of our users and their needs.