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LIMA - Lindholmen Integrated Mobility Arena

Plan and pay for all your journeys using a single app. Both work and personal trips. No matter which mode of transport. Every day. Wherever you need to go

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LIMA is a mobility project for people who work at or in the vicinity of Lindholmen. In a pilot test, that combines various modes of transport and parking in a smart app, the purpose of LIMA is to simplify local and regional trips, decrease congestion on Lindholmen and contribute to a more sustainable city.

You will be able to use public transport, rental bikes and taxis. On top of that you will have access to a fleet of electric cars via shared private or company cars and a public carpool. All in one service.

What does LIMA want to achieve?

  • An efficient and flexible mobility service for companies at Lindholmen and its employees
  • Increased attractiveness for employers at Lindholmen
  • An economically sustainable mobility service that can be scaled up after the project
  • Positive environmental effects, such as reduced emissions and reduced congestion in traffic



Contact us

Sofia Löfstrand
+46 (0)70 877 37 49