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Autonomous Base Camp - ABC

Autonomous Base Camp (ABC) was formed in 2017, as a mission from the Drive Sweden program office to pave the way for the market breakthrough of self-driving vehicles for shorter transportation needs. Our approach is to help cities, companies, and communities to design and set up autonomous first-and-last-mile solutions in future mobility systems.

How can ABC help you?
We engage with organizations – both public and private – to develop feasibility studies and assist these groups with large-scale implementation projects, from the "bounce all ideas" stage, to service design, to KPI selection and evaluation, and to applying for local funding or from the EU. With our experience and broad collaboration within the shuttle market, we can connect organizations with a variety of international service operators and manufacturers.

Using an applied research perspective, we assist the launch and development of self-driving shuttle buses for passenger transport to or from work, the shopping center, campus, hospital or home. Two trials have taken place in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We are currently overseeing the pilot shuttle at Chalmers University of Technology, and investigating setting up services and test sites in cities such as Varberg, with companies like IKEA, and on campus settings such as Lindholmen Science Park. 

ABC is Driving Market Evolution
We run market development workshops with manufacturers, operators, software and hardware developers, and other industry leaders, roadmapping the future technology needs together, and connecting the right actors to each other. We've synthesized interviews and findings to develop market analyses about what the industry needs to succeed, and we've run user experience studies pre- and post- vehicle exposure. We aren't just helping autonomous technology be adopted- we are tweaking and building new methods to drive its evolution.


The time for small scale implementations is over. We believe in learning by doing- and envisioning, testing and revising - in different locations throughout Sweden to learn how functionalities and benefits change for users, clients, and cities.

Would you like to know more?
ABC, led by research institute RISE Viktoria, is a part of the Drive Sweden program office.
For questions, please contact team leader Sigma Dolins:

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